Rationale & Beliefs

In fulfilling our mission, we will adhere to the following core beliefs:

  • The ultimate goal of education is to cultivate in each learner a lifelong passion for learning.
  • That each learner’s academic potential is most fully realized through a challenging and varied multilevel curriculum integrating the latest technologies combined with the appropriate support.
  • Children learn best in a respectful, supportive community of trust where each learner’s learning needs and abilities are understood and accommodated as fully as possible.
  • Intellectual growth requires not only the acquisition of knowledge, but its application in analytical, creative, and expressive ways that make learning meaningful to the learner.
  • Physical and emotional health is critical to the development of each learner’s personal potential.
  • Each learner’s life is enriched in a diverse community where differences among people are accepted, recognized, and celebrated.
  • The school shares with families the responsibility for fostering in each learner strength of character, a sense of personal responsibility, and an attitude of faith, reverence, and acceptance of others.
  • The development of moral leadership in each learner should include instilling a commitment to use one’s knowledge, skills and resources in the service of others within the community in order to promote and foster positive change.
  • The transformation of teaching institutions into active and cooperative learning environments.
  • Developing the school to serve as a hub for promoting educational, environmental, social and cultural awareness within the community at large.



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